Android How-To

How to import prayers

  • Goto to My Prayers
  • Tap Menu button on your device
  • you will see this 

  • tap Export
  • you will see this

  • connect your device to laptop. Browse to folder SDCard/Laudate/prayers/export. There will be file prayers_MM_DD_HH_MIN.txt . Copy this file to your laptop. Open with either notepad (on  Windows) or Textedit (on Mac) or other text editor. 
  • delete anything that is between <prayer>some text</prayer>
  • to add a single prayer type <prayer>Title of your prayer|Text of your prayer|Group of the prayer<prayer> 
  • note that title, text and group are separated in above with | (vertical bar) 
  • you can add multiple lines that have <prayer>..|..|..</prayer> to this file
  • once you're done, save the file on your laptop/PC
  • copy this file back to your device (tablet, phone) to the folder SDCard/Laudate/prayers/import
  • disconnect your device from laptop/PC
  • Go to MyPrayers, Tap Menu  and then Import
  • You will see prayers that you entered on your laptop/PC in the list of prayers. 
  • If you'd like to do small edits you can press+hold the prayer in My Prayers and it will show you 2 options: Edit or Delete

How to [Clear Data]

  • if you have any of MyPrayers or Bookmarks go to these sections, perform backup by opening Laudate > MyPrayers/Bookmarks > tap menu button of your device or three dots in upper right corner and tap Export option
  • connect your device to PC or Mac and navigate to SDCard/Laudate/prayers/export , copy file that is there (should have date when you ran backup) and paste that file to SDCard/Laudate/prayers/import. Repeat same copy operations for SDCard/Laudate/bookmarks/export and SDCard/Laudate/bookmarks/import folders if you had any bookmarks
  • select your device Settings > then applications > then Laudate > then tap [Clear Data] option
  • if you had any of MyPrayers or Bookmarks in Laudate, go back to these sections (MyPrayers or Bookmarks), tap menu button and select Import option