iPhone/iPad How-To

How to import prayers

  • select [My Prayers]

  • tap [Export] button
  • you will see message: 'Export successful. Data file prayers.txt located in documents folder on your device'
  • connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac or PC
  • start iTunes (alternatively you can use iExplorer)

  • select prayers.txt and drag it to your desktop
  • edit prayers.txt on your desktop using text editor
  • prayers.txt will have entries following   pattern

    <prayer>Title of the prayer|Text of the prayer|Group of the prayer</prayer>

in above entry 3 fields: title, text of prayer and prayer group are separated by | (vertical bar)
entire record is enclosed between <prayer> and </prayer>

  • create entries in prayers.txt using above guidelines
  • you can create multiple entries in prayers.txt
  • text of the prayer (2nd field) can have ENTER aka newline characters between lines
  • save the file prayers.txt
  • drag the file from desktop to iTunes (as pointed by arrow above) prayers.txt
  • on Laudate select [My Prayers]
  • tap [Import] button
  • this will load all prayers that were entered in prayers.txt