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Release notes

1.93 - 2/10

  • added Slovenian version (MANY thanks to Nina Adamlje)
    doda slovenska razlicica (Najlepsa hvala Nina Adamlje)
  • added: Verbum Domini, Sacramentum Caritatis Vatican documents and section for Year of Evangelization
  • added toolbar. Toolbar has all menu items that previously were accessed by Menu key on your device. Most of screens also have new Home button to bypass 'Back' key and return to top screen.
  • added 'jump to' in Order of Mass (tap 'the other' icon on toolbar)
  • added 'Sunday' option in DailyReadings to jump to next Sunday
  • Mysteries and Podcasts only has correct mystery set for given day of the week
  • added prayers:Self-love vs. Holy Love,Holy Love Alphabet,Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget,Eternal God of Endless Mercy,Intercessory prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel,Prayer for Rain
  • bug fix to restore Bible chapters for Daily Readings
  • spelling fix for DR bible Job Ch 2 Verse 3
  • "Un Pan, Un Cuerpo" meditations added for Spanish
  • added Daily Examination of Conscience (Prayers -> Misc Group)
  • added 'Fifteen Rosary Promises'

1.91 - 1/4

  • bug fix for NAB John ch.14
  • bug fix for Douay Rheims bible on older devices
  • bug fix for MyPrayers crashes
  • bug fix for 4G Verizon failure to get Readings and NAB Chapters. (thanks Felix)
  • added link to Catholic movie reviews
  • new links for Christian Peschken rosary podcasts
  • added podcast of Latin Rosary prayers
  • added Requiem Group of prayers (thanks JoseG)
  • added other prayers (St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual help, Spritual Communions and Divine Mercy Novena.
  • added The Order of Mass
  • prayers and latin prayers can be now searched
  • font size and colors on Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy are consistent with selected theme

1.90 - 11/29

  • new prayers: Novena of the Most Holy Face of Jesus, St. Peregrine Intercessory prayer, end of the day prayer, prayer to end abortion, prayer for Intercession of Chinese martyrs, St. Andrew Christmas Novena
  • added Vatican Social Justice Teachings document group
  • added ability to pray Rosary in Latin
  • new background graphics
  • Saint of the Day is now a separate selection
  • update of Spanish prayers (thanks AudenL)

1.89 - 11/14

  • added configurable disabling of screen timeout
  • added Confession module in Hungarian (thanks JanosK)
  • added more prayers
  • added Examination of Conscience and more content in Italian (thanks ptux)

1.88 - 10/26
  • added convenience links to Bible chapters at Vatican website for Spanish and Italian (uses mobilizer and is configurable in Settings)
  • added Pope Benedict XVI Encyclical Letters
  • added Hungarian support - THANKS JanosK
  • returned original Brown theme, new Brown is named Sepia
  • set configurable 'Sunday readings on Saturday past 15:00/3 pm'. Default is to get Sunday readings on Saturday afternoon. 

1.87 - 10/11

  • problèmes d'affichage fixes avec des prières du Rosaire
  • Solucionados los errores en la oración Magnificat
  • added Truth & Life Catholic Bible app link
  • added ability to set the reading font face. Please go to Settings to use different font faces.
  • fixed issue with sharing displaying html code
  • added Vatican II documents and Code of Canon Law. These are formatted using mobilizers specified in Settings. Defaults to Instapaper. 
1.86 - 09/16
  • date adjustment to Presentation Ministries reflections
  • added rosary podcasts from - THANK YOU!
  • adjustment to new links for Rosary podcasts from
  • spelling errors fixed in Latin prayers
  • added english, spanish and latin prayers 

1.85 - 08/27
  • correction for some of the latin prayers and translations
  • bug fix for android < 2.1 incompatibility with some of data retrievals 

1.84 - 8/17
  • apologize but yet another release to fix bug to retrieve Daily Readings and NAB 

1.83 - 8/17

  • naprawiona modlitwa Zdrowas Mario w Rozaniec
  • bug fix for retrieval of Daily Readings and New American Bible 

1.82 - 7/29
  • retrieval of Daily Mass Readings on Saturday past 3 pm (15:00) will get Sunday readings (change from 11 am)
  • returned Roman Missal changes back to main screen

1.81 - 7/24
  • added Sacrament of Reconciliation module
  •  added Prayer for Religious Freedom
  • bug fix for Gospel launching podcast player
  • added Rose and Blue Themes
  • retrieval of Daily Mass Readings on Saturday past 11 am will get Sunday readings
  • added podcast of Chaplet of Divine Mercy from
  • added daily reflections from Presentation Ministries
  • added various prayers & litanies

1.79 - 5/1
  • German and French version released. Deutsch und Französisch-Version verfügbar. Version allemande et française disponibles.
  • added 'Copy Text' for sharing with other programs that don't provide 'Share' function. Text is copied to the buffer of the Android OS and you can simply paste onto any other application that provides 'Paste' function like ColorNote, Facebook, etc. This can be reached from Menu -> Copy Text on pages that you read
  • external URL are handled within Laudate. This allows to bookmark external pages that you may be interested in (e.g doing multilevel redirects to NAB @
  • added prayers, litanies
  • added Saint of the Day content from - THANK YOU!
  • added error info when retrieval of Daily Readings fails. This will give you idea which URL Laudate is having problem retrieving
  • added All Readings Together for Spanish and Portuguese
  • fixed broken links in NAB


1.76 - 3/18

  • bug fix for Sunday Lent Mass Readings retrieval. We have made few adjustments for random slowdowns of feed but if the source if not available you will still get an error. Please re-try again in such case.
  • added [Share] on Laudate Podcast player. You can now share the link of the podcast. Redesigned layout of podcast player
  • Android 1.6 compatibility issue solved for TMobile G1 phones and others that have Android 1.6. This bug effected Daily Readings and NAB crash when retrieving.
  • compatibility fix for exporting [My Prayers] and re-importing back

1.75 - 3/11
  • bug fix for retrieval of Daily Readings that have multiple during a day (like Lent Sundays)
  • added Regnum Christi daily meditation podcast

1.74 - 3/8
  • Rosary and Chaplet rework: new graphics, allows to select Mystery, redesigned navigation (Mysteries only and podcasts on separate screen, Rosary and Chaplet on their own screens), better screen space utilization, auto-advance on Rosary and Chaplet 
  • added graphics for Stations of The Cross 
  • added EWTN podcasts

1.73 - 2/21

  • bug fix for Ash Wednesday Daily Readings

1.72 - 2/12

  • we have changed the display name of the application from CatholicOne to Laudate. Laudate in latin means Praise!
  • we also are changing icon to reflect multi purpose of the application instead of just being Daily Readings (since it is how it started)
  • we have also released iPhone/iPad app with almost same functionality. If you have friends/family that have iPhone you can recommend our app to them. It is known there as Laudate and download link is
  • added 'All readings together'. It has all readings for the day on one screen. If you open this page when connected to internet and go into church where there is no data access you still should be able to view readings.
  • fix for crashing on Tmobile G1 and other older phones
  • improved formatting/readibility for Daily Reading
  • fixed typos in quite few prayers - THANKS! to all for catching
  • more prayers...

1.71 - 1/7

* performance improvements and bug fix for Daily Readings

1.70 - 1/6

* we have started using Daily Readings and reflections for other languages from - please support them by donating here:

* added back button cancelation of data retrieval for Daily Readings and New American Bible. To cancel retrieval that is not getting data or is going for too long simply press BACK button on your phone and try to get the data later. On Daily Readings you can press Menu -> Refresh Today

* Lecturas diarias están de vuelta. Gracias a gente generosa en - Por favor, apoye a la donación en su página web

* Nuova versione delle letture giornaliere da Si prega di sostenerli con la donazione sul loro sito web

1.69 - 1/5

* Daily Reading and Saint of the Day feed off in Portuguese - THANK YOU SO MUCH !
* Leitura diária de alimentação e Saint Informações off em Português - MUITO OBRIGADA!
* prayer addition
* adjustment to handling of local language, default language is now set to either one of the supported languages or English (in case of languges that we don't yet support)  

1.66  - 12/7

* content update with more prayers
* podcast of Stations of The Cross are back - thanks to

1.65 - 12/4

* revised creeds replaced previous ones 

* aggiunto litanie italian

* codificación reparado español

1.64 - 11/25

* Español ajustes Lecturas Diarias

1.63 - 11/22

* added stop of internal media player when phone has incoming or outgoing call. This forced us to add LISTEN TO PHONE STATE but we DON'T and WILL NEVER collect your phone number or any of other phone information - so no worries about your privacy here* removed Stations of The Cross podcast. Looking for alternatives but current source is not providng this stream anymore

1.62 - 11/13

* added Pope Benedict XVI podcast of daily meditations. Feed is courtesy of - THANKS SO MUCH !!!!
* Novena Immaculate Heart of Mary
* Menu -> Settings -> Podcast player allows to chose between CatholicOne player and  Android player for handling of podcast stream
* added category for MyPrayers. Categories are defined as you enter each prayer and then appear on selection menu 
* added export and import options for MyPrayers. Prayers are exported to your SD card CatholicOne/prayers/export folder. To further backup your prayers, please copy them from SD card to some safe location.
If you'd like to import new prayers without having to type them on device, create file with text editor with following format: <prayer>Title of prayer|Text of prayer|Prayer category 
</prayer>and copy to SD Card CatholicOne/prayers/import. You can have multiple <prayer> Title of prayer|Text of prayer|Prayer category </prayer>  records in such file. Then go to MyPrayers in application and tap Menu->Import. Any files placed in CatholicOne/prayers/import will be read and imported into MyPrayers. After import please remove these files. If files were there and Import command would be run, prayers would be imported again

1.60 - 10/31

* bug fix for missing NAB books
* Roman Missal changes
* Saint of the day formatting cleanup
* added daily prayer podcasts
* podcasts are played using internal player

1.59 - 10/18

* added selection of specific prayer groups in Prayers and Latin Prayers
* added CatholicMedia section and its first member: iCatholicRadio
* Portuguese date selection for readings
* better handling of NAB retrieval

1.58 - 10/10

* New American Bible is back for use when connected to internet only - no offline version per agreement with USCCB copyright office
* added Polish support - thanks Marek from and Krzysztof from
* Removed books from DR Bible that that did not have verses
* Merged Latin prayers with Latin prayers/English translation. To see English translations, go to Latin Prayers, select prayer tap Menu  and 'Show English translation' menu item. Tap it and it will show English sub-texts

1.57 - 8/25

* Douay-Rheims Bible - local copy, no internet access needed. Due to this, application size has grown. Please move the application to SD Card by going to your phone Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Downloaded -> CatholicOne -> Move to SD Card

1.56 - 8/24
* restored Daily Readings. Big thanks to USCCB for granting permissions!
* online version of New American Bible and local version of Douay-Rheims Bible will be available in next release 

* Liturgy of Hours integration from is also planned
* formatting for Indonesian prayers

August, 17th
Daily Readings, Liturgy of Hours, CCC and New American Bible update

Thanks to all of you that expressed support for CatholicOne return with Daily Readings,  Catechism and New American Bible. Here's an update:
  • On August 17th USCCB granted us right to use Daily Readings and Bible. We thank to persons involved at USCCB for being accommodating and expeditious resolution of this matter. We also thank all of you for support and prayers.
    We are working to modify CatholicOne so that it complies with required conditions and will be releasing new version as soon as these are in place. Probably 2 weeks.
    a) a feature that will not be available is caching of readings. We will work out scheme that will allow you to set time when to auto-download Daily Readings for offline reading but only for the current day. This is in case when you go to church and there is no  wifi or no other internet.
    b) Catechism is copyrighted and can not be included in CatholicOne, we will provide link to Vatican website that holds the CCC
    c) NAB will be available in online version and will require internet access 
  • We also were asked to withdraw Liturgy of Hours  by New Jerusalem Bible publisher ( since LOH texts contain NJB verses. So unfortunately, Liturgy of hours will not be coming back until October - assuming they grant us permission to use then. We were told that our request to grant use will be reviewed in October. There are Liturgy of Hours paid applications on Android Market if you wish to purchase (iBreviary?).
  • We are working to include Douay-Rheims Bible. This is a free version of old English translation used by Catholic Church in the past.
  • We will never be charging for CatholicOne. Some people suggested donations, etc. but we don't want to take any money for this app.

 we have removed CatholicOne from Android Market due to outstanding copyright issue. We will clarify this  and return to Market as soon as possible. 

1.52 - 5/26
* 'My Prayers' allows you to add your own prayers. On 'My Prayers' screen, press Menu/Add My Prayer. You can edit or delete prayers that you created by long pressing prayer
* on-screen pinch zoom is back. Default value is not to show it. If you like it please go to Settings and change
* Translation into Italian

1.51 - 5/19

* better bookmarks to capture and restore location of reading, addition of bookmark name

1.50 - 5/4

* added Catechism of Catholic Church
* enabled on-screen zoom controls
* fixed sharing on Readings

1.48 - 4/27
* Added Bookmarks. Bookmarking can be accesed by tapping Menu on Bible chapters and Prayers. Bookmarking on Daily Readings and LOH is not available since this is a 'floating' content. If there's demand for it I can implement
* Stations are now Stations of the Cross
* added times when Liturgy of Hours prayers are to be said
* colors of dropdown selections adjusted - let me know if this works on Droid X now
* screen rotation leaves the content of the screen in the same reading position

1.47 - 4/2
* podcasts of Rosary are back. Many thanks to David MacDonald from and Bill from for allowing to share
* podcast of Stations of the Cross is back. Many thanks to Jim Logue from
* rework of Latin prayers, mutliple prayer additions
* added Share option on Bible and all prayers except Latin

1.46 - 4/1
* prayers to saints were changed to intercessory prayer to saints

1.45 - 3/30
Because of a copyright issue, we have removed the audio Rosaries and Stations of the Cross from this application
* separated Latin prayers into its own page; added En Ergo, Quicumque, Regina Coeli, Sancte Michael Archangele and Veni Sancte Spiritus
* Mass Readings shows last cached date
* you can move the application to SD card - helpful when caching Daily Readings and Liturgy of Hours
* Liturgy of Hours changes: added goto date to select an arbitrary date (as long as data is available); added ability to cache 7 days of LOH; resolved content issues for users from different timezones; show last cached date
* added latin Mary Magnificat, prayer to St. Peter, Apostles' Creed (New version), latin version of Apostles' and Nicene Creed, latin version of Gloria and Agnus Dei, Tessera prayer, Three O'Clock prayer, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
* added O my Jesus after Glory for Rosary

1.43 - 3/15
* allow to locally cache 7 days worth of Daily Readings so no data connections is needed to view saved Readings. This is available on Daily Readings through tapping Menu -> Cache 7 Days
* added: Efficacious Novena To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Hail Glorious St. Patrick,Prayer for the Intercession of Padre Pio
* fixed Palm Sunday readings

1.42 - 3/13
* app name change from MassReadings to CatholicOne
* added Chaplet of Divine Mercy
* added 1991 Good Friday stations of the cross by John Paul II
* added Golden Arrow, Mary's Magnificat, Adoro te devote, Prayer for our nation, St. Francis Prayer, Family Prayer
* changed Anima Christi prayer from a different source
* added podcast for Stations of the Cross
* fixed Daily Readings reflection
* fixed Spanish Daily Readings

1.41 - 2/15
* corrected versions of Nicene Creed and Apostles' Creed
* added 'Prayer before a Crucifix'

1.40 - 2/14
Misal para los Estados Unidos
Hail Holy Queen correction
Added closing Rosary prayer
Added more latin prayers
Attempt to make application compatible with Android based generic ereaders

1.39 - 2/13
Bug fix for Rosary crashing into Force Close mode

version 1.37 (02/12/2011)

* Bug fix for Portuguese Daily Readings

version 1.36 (02/12/2011)
* Rosary podcasts: Rosary -> Mysteries Only -> First selection right above first mystery
* Portuguese/Spanish support: First Screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Language -> Portuguese/Spanish
* New American Catholic bible
* Main screen is now a scrollable list instead of tab oriented
* Adjustments for Liturgy of Hours Invitatory and Night readings
* Latin prayers

version 1.35 (11/26/2010)
 * new theme (Black)
 * bug fixes to support multiple readings during the day
 * 'New Rosary' button
 * themes applied to prayers
 * more prayers...

version 1.33 (10/29)
 * added more prayers that people request
 * tried another build. There are reports that application does not install/update on some phones. Not sure why so here comes new build

version 1.30/1.31/1.32 (10/21)
 * improved Saint of the Day
 * added Stations of the Cross
 * added Mysteries Only viewing
 * added prayers
 * added podcast for Daily Readings

version 1.29 (10/3)
 * fixed crashes occurring when data was being loaded and phone was rotated
 * added St. Michael and Regina Coeli prayers
 * added detailed info on saints of the day (if available you'd see 'More...' below day information)
 * fixed Reflection incorrect data loading
 * user interface change from buttons to clickable text

version 1.26 (8/12)
* added Office of Readings for Liturgy of Hours
* added Sacrament of Reconciliation (Prayers tab)
* title bar color adjustment

version 1.25 (8/10)
* support for running Mass Readings WORLDWIDE!

version 1.24 (8/8)
* added missing Rosary prayer
* added Mysteries heading
* fix for Droid X colors (hopefully)
* Invitatory added for Liturgy of Hours

version 1.23 (8/5)
* added Rosary
* added new theme (White) to work with Droid X red/black/maroon colors

version 1.22 (7/31)
* added caching for the next day
* set title  for each window to name the content

version 1.2 (7/30)
* added tab interface
* added Liturgy of Hours (Lauds and Vespers)
* added selection of an arbitrary date (as long as the data is there - sometimes it gets confused about years but that's how the source presents itself )
* fixed spelling errors
* fixed Share option on Reflections

version 1.1.11 (7/13)
* added correct test for 4G aka WiMax connectivity

version 1.1.10 (7/12)

* added Yesterday and Tomorrow readings
* removed 'special' Sunday handling on Saturday
* added email developer
* added release notes

version 1.1.9  (7/11)
* share readings ( Menu -> Share)

version 1.1.8 (7/3)
during Saturday Menu->Sunday shows Sunday readings. To return back to Saturday readings click Menu->Refresh

version 1.0.0  (6/12)
  • Daily Catholic Mass daily readings.
  • Includes first reading, responsorial psalm, second reading (if applicable), gospel and daily reflections.
  • No thrills, no graphics, fast loading, very lean and quick application. 
  • Adjustable font size and color scheme.  
  • Caching for quick use.